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Mautic reCAPTCHA Plugin

license Packagist mautic

This Plugin brings reCAPTCHA integration to mautic 3 and 4.

Installation via composer (preferred)

mautic 2 (legacy)

This only supports reCaptcha v2.

Execute composer require koco/mautic-recaptcha-bundle:1.* in the main directory of the mautic installation.

mautic 3 & 4

Supports reCaptcha v2 and v3.

Execute composer require koco/mautic-recaptcha-bundle:3.* in the main directory of the mautic installation.

Installation via .zip

Download the .zip file, extract it into the plugins/ directory and rename the new directory to MauticRecaptchaBundle.

Clear the cache via console command php app/console cache:clear --env=prod (might take a while) OR manually delete the app/cache/prod directory.


Navigate to the Plugins page and click "Install/Upgrade Plugins". You should now see a "reCAPTCHA" plugin. Open it to configure site key and site secret.

plugin config

Usage in Mautic Form

Add "reCAPTCHA" field to the Form and save changes. mautic form

Score validation

Recaptcha will rank traffic and interactions based on a score of 0.0 to 1.0, with a 1.0 being a good interaction and scores closer to 0.0 indicating a good likelihood that the traffic was generated by bots

score validation