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Feb 13, 2017

Kopano Community Projects and Resources

The goal of this repository is to provide an overview of third party projects in relation to Kopano. Everyone is welcome to get involved by creating listings for their projects, suggest new categories, or otherwise participating to this repository. If you would like to contribute, please make sure to review the contribution guidelines.

Table of contents

Antivirus Helpers

  • kopano-scan-attachments - Scan user stores for attachments with ClamAV and if required removing and replacing the attachment when infected. GPL-2.0

Anti Spam Integrations

  • inotify-spamlearn - A companion to the Kopano Core kopano-spamd, which is included from Kopano Core 8.6 new, this tool can handle the actual spam and ham processing. GPL-3.0
  • kopano-dspam - Monitors a Kopano server for mail-movements between folders to train a users Spamfilter (for example dspam or spamassasin)

Authentication integrations

  • pam_mapi - PAM module for authentication via MAPI against a Kopano server. Source Code BSD/GPLv2+ stable

Client integrations

  • Z-Push - Integrates mobile devices into Kopano through the ActiveSync protocol. Source Code AGPLv3 stable

Data integrations

  • Kopano2JIRA - Synchronizes all contacts of a Kopano folder one way to JIRA contact issues. Source Code unkown license experimental

Distributions integrating Kopano

  • ClearOS - Install and manage Kopano on your ClearOS server. unknown-license stable
  • Kopano4UCS - Install and manage Kopano through the Univention Management Console. Demo, Source Code AGPLv3 stable

Migration Helpers

  • egroupware2zarafa - Some scripts to export egroupware contacts and calendar data so it can be imported into Outlook/Zarafa. Source Code unknown license stable


  • Nagios4Kopano - This nagios plugin allows you to monitor your Kopano server by using the command kopano-stats --system. GPL stable

User Management

  • LDAP Account Manager - LAM Pro manages various account types in an LDAP directory. Kopano users, contacts, groups, dynamic groups and servers are supported.

Kopano dAgent/Spooler Plugins


Kopano WebApp



Howtos and Guides


The goal of this repository is to provide an overview of third party projects in relation to Kopano.





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