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@qwwdfsad qwwdfsad released this Jun 6, 2019 · 91 commits to master since this release


  • Core Flow interfaces and operators are graduated from preview status to experimental.
  • Context preservation invariant rework (#1210).
    • channelFlow and callbackFlow replacements for flowViaChannel for concurrent flows or callback-based APIs.
    • flow prohibits emissions from non-scoped coroutines by default and recommends to use channelFlow instead to avoid most of the concurrency-related bugs.
  • Flow cannot be implemented directly
    • AbstractFlow is introduced for extension (e.g. for managing state) and ensures all context preservation invariants.
  • Buffer size is decoupled from all operators that imply channel usage (#1233)
    • buffer operator can be used to adjust buffer size of any buffer-dependent operator (e.g. channelFlow, flowOn and flatMapMerge).
    • conflate operator is introduced.
  • Flow performance is significantly improved.
  • New operators: scan, scanReduce, first, emitAll.
  • flowWith and flowViaChannel are deprecated.
  • retry ignores cancellation exceptions from upstream when the flow was externally cancelled (#1122).
  • combineLatest overloads for multiple flows (#1193).
  • Fixed numerical overflow in drop operator.


  • consumeEach is promoted to experimental API (#1080).
  • Conflated channels always deliver the latest value after closing (#332, #1235).
  • Non-suspending to improve iteration performance (#1162).
  • Channel exception types are consistent with produce and are no longer swallowed as cancellation exceptions in case of programmatic errors (#957, #1128).
  • All operators on channels (that were prone to coroutine leaks) are deprecated in the favor of Flow.

General changes:

  • Kotlin updated to 1.3.31
  • Semaphore implementation (#1088)
  • Loading of Dispatchers.Main is tweaked so the latest version of R8 can completely remove I/O when loading it (#1231).
  • Performace of all JS dispatchers is significantly improved (#820).
  • withContext checks cancellation status on exit to make reasoning about sequential concurrent code easier (#1177).
  • Consistent exception handling mechanism for complex hierarchies (#689).
  • Convenient overload for CoroutinesTimeout.seconds (#1184).
  • Fix cancellation bug in onJoin (#1130).
  • Prevent internal names clash that caused errors for ProGuard (#1159).
  • POSIX's nanosleep as delay in runBlocking in K/N (#1225).
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