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Report a bug

Just use a 'bug report' template when creating a new issue.

Submit a PR

The process of submitting a pull request depends on what kind of changes you have in it:

Fix typo/documentation clarification

You can open your PR directly against a master branch.

Fix a minor bug

Open your PR against the dev branch of the repository with a meaningful message in the description.

Fix a bug in the library core/implement a new feature

First, open an issue from 'feature request' template or describe in the existing issue what idea you are trying to implement – probably it needs some tuning to be more aligned with the whole library design and vision. After a design discussion, you can open a PR against the dev branch.

Propose/implement a new serialization format

If you have created a new serialization format, you can keep it in your repository to be able to perform proper maintenance and to have a separate release cycle. You can submit a PR to the list of community-supported formats with a description of your library.

Building this library

You can find all the instructions here

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