Adds effortless pagination to Recess Framework models
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Recess Framework Model Pagination Plugin

Thank you for your interest in my pagination plugin! This plugin is released
under the MIT public license. This plugin enables you to effortlessly
paginate ModelSets in your controllers. This plugin was based on the Plucky
module by John Nunemaker.

How to Install:

Download the Pagination Plugin and place the "PaginationPlugin/" directory
into your Recess installation's "plugins/" directory.

Update your Recess application's class file. Import the "PaginationPlugin"
plugin. Then register the PaginationPlugin with your application. Ultimately,
your application class file should look something like this:


class MyApplication extends Application {
  public function __construct() {
    $this->name = 'My Cool Application';
    $this->viewsDir = $_ENV['dir.apps'] . 'myapp/templates/';
    $this->modelsPrefix = 'myapp.models.';
    $this->controllersPrefix = 'myapp.controllers.';
    $this->routingPrefix = '/';
    $this->plugins = array(
      new PaginationPlugin()

Example Model:

 * This model, when paginated, will show 5 results per page
 * !Paginate Limit: 5
class Book extends Model {


Example Controller:

 * !Route GET, books
function listBooks() {
	$book = new Book();
	$books = $book->equals('genre', 'adventure')->orderBy('published_at DESC')->paginate();
	$paginator = $books->paginator;

Other Tips:

To request the "second page" of results, append "?page=2" to your request URL.