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An image viewer à la Twitter
Swift Ruby
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JohnProg and RuiAAPeres Fixed typo on README. (#202)
* Fixed crash in iPad when we tap(Long press) on image viewer in full screen mode to share the image or video.

* Fixed typo on README.

* Removed unnecesary code.
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Single image view


For the latest changes see the CHANGELOG



pod 'ImageViewer'


github "MailOnline/ImageViewer"

Sample Usage

For a detailed example, see the Example!

// Show the ImageViewer with the first item
self.presentImageGallery(GalleryViewController(startIndex: 0, itemsDataSource: self))

// The GalleryItemsDataSource provides the items to show
extension ViewController: GalleryItemsDataSource {
    func itemCount() -> Int {
        return items.count

    func provideGalleryItem(_ index: Int) -> GalleryItem {
        return items[index].galleryItem

ImageViewer version vs Swift version.

ImageViewer 5.0+ is Swift 4 ready! 🎉

If you use earlier version of Swift - refer to the table below:

Swift version ImageViewer version
4.x >= 5.0
3.x 4.0
2.3 3.1 ⚠️
2.2 <= 2.1


ImageViewer is licensed under the MIT License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Copyright (c) 2016 MailOnline

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