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ImportIO Mathematica package

This is a Mathematica package that allows you to call custom webscraping APIs directly within Mathematica.

How to install:

Download (or clone) the ImportIO.m file and move it to Mathematica's "user base directory". If you're not sure which folder that is on your system, check out the output of the Mathematica command $UserBaseDirectory. For instance, on a linux machine this gives something like:

 In[]= $UserBaseDirectory

Out[]= /home/user/.Mathematica

The package is loaded into Mathematica in the usual way:

 In[]= Needs[ "ImportIO`" ];
Alternatively: How to load package without installing:

Download (or clone) the ImportIO.m file and move it to the folder where your main notebook is located. The package can then be loaded by evaluating the following command within Mathematica:

 In[]= Needs[ "ImportIO`" , NotebookDirectory[] <> "ImportIO.m" ];

How to use:

At this stage, this package only contains the function IOCrawler[assoc], which calls a custom crawler. As input it takes an Association object that must contain the following Keys:

  • "ID" - the ID of the API
  • "User" - your user ID
  • "APIKey" - your personal API key
  • "URL" - the URL you wish to crawl

All of the associated Values should be given as strings. For example, I created a custom API in that scrapes pages such as for earthquake data. The call to the IOCrawler[] function looks like:

call =
    "ID"     -> "mysecretapiid",
    "User"   -> "mysecretuserid",
    "APIKey" -> "mysecretapikey",
    "URL"    -> ""
IOCrawler[ call ]

This returns an Association object that can be used directly as a row in a Dataset.

To do:

  • Write functions for calling extractors and connectors.
  • Write extensive doc files.


This is a package for Wolfram Mathematica that calls custom APIs created with



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