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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.db import connection
from nani.test_utils.context_managers import LanguageOverride
from nani.test_utils.testcase import NaniTestCase
from import Normal
from nani.test_utils.fixtures import TwoTranslatedNormalMixin
class FallbackTests(NaniTestCase, TwoTranslatedNormalMixin):
def test_single_instance_fallback(self):
# fetch an object in a language that does not exist
with LanguageOverride('de'):
with self.assertNumQueries(2):
obj = Normal.objects.untranslated().use_fallbacks('en', 'ja').get(pk=1)
self.assertEqual(obj.language_code, 'en')
self.assertEqual(obj.translated_field, 'English1')
def test_shared_only(self):
with LanguageOverride('de'):
with self.assertNumQueries(2):
obj = Normal.objects.untranslated().get(pk=1)
self.assertEqual(obj.shared_field, 'Shared1')
getattr, obj, 'translated_field')
def test_mixed_fallback(self):
with LanguageOverride('de'):
pk = Normal.objects.language('ja').create(
with self.assertNumQueries(2):
objs = list(Normal.objects.untranslated().use_fallbacks('en', 'ja'))
self.assertEqual(len(objs), 3)
obj = dict([(, obj) for obj in objs])[pk]
self.assertEqual(obj.language_code, 'ja')
with self.assertNumQueries(2):
objs = list(Normal.objects.untranslated().use_fallbacks('en'))
self.assertEqual(len(objs), 2)
# We dont return unstranslated instances in django-hvad
# obj = dict([(, obj) for obj in objs])[pk]
# cached = getattr(obj, obj._meta.translations_cache, None)
# self.assertEqual(cached, None)
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