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Port of Recast Navigation into Delphi

Source code location:

Source code version: Around 01 Nov 2014

Porting guidelines:

  • RecastNavigationDelphi is a straight clone of RecastNavigation with as little changes as possible, to allow to keep projects synced in the future.
  • Any changes/improvements to the lib functionality should be first included into C++ master to avoid separation.
  • RND follows RN structure very closely, except for GUI stuff, which is VCL for simplicity instead of imGUI RN solution.
  • All file names are the same, but with an "RN_" prefix.
  • Some units were split to avoid circular dependencies, they are called RN_UnitNameHelper.

Hints about the code:

  • Multi-condition "for" loops and loops where iterator gets changed inside the loop, were converted to while/repeat loops. Loop code needs to be repeated before any "continue".
  • Move method first two arguments (Src, Dst) need to be swapped in Delphi.
  • Delphi needs to wrap overflowing manipulations with a {$O} directive to supress errors.
  • Delphi needs manual disposal of objects created within record , as they dont have built-in destructor support in them.
  • To simplify the pointer trickery, {$POINTERMATH ON} had to be enabled almost in every unit.
  • Typed @ operator setting is great help, but sadly it does not work sometimes.

Common pitfalls during porting:

  • Passing argument @SomePointer instead of SomePointer. Typed @ helps to catch those, but not always.
  • Calling Move/FillChar methods without swapping arguments places.
  • Writing for .. to .. do loop instead of for .. downto .. do in rare cases.


  • Fix plethora of memory leaks around the code.
  • TempObstacles demo.
  • Some parts are commented out, waiting to be ported.
  • Sync with current state of the source code.


Port of Recast Navigation into Delphi





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