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This project is no longer under active development. Please go to

S4PE and S4PI is an open source project based on s3pi and s3pe.

![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

Current Version



Here is a list of contributors:

  • [Kuree] - the main contributor to the project.
  • [ChaosMageX] - a cool dude.
  • [andrewtavera] - for mesh parts and other help.
  • [IngeJones] - a kind lady who doesn't want her name mentioned.
  • [Rick] - a pioneer in TS4.
  • [granthes] - not active now, but helped a lot in early stage.
  • [snaitf] - helps a lot for decoding the resources.
  • [orangemittens] - helps a lot in wiki pages.


.NET 4.0

Project Setup

Visual Studio is currently required. We have two main version, 2013 and 2010. You can pick up one of them below to start.


Helper Projects

  • ~~I'm moving most of the helpers to a new repository,~~All the active helpers are hosted at [s4pe-helper] because it is much easier to manage. However, most of them will be shipped with the S4PE build. * Currently DST and Thumbnail helpers are hosted there.

Example Code for S4PI Library

Coming soon

How to Contribute

  • Fork the project, modify it, and send us pull request!
  • Edit the [wiki] page if you discover something!
  • Star the project if you like it!


  • If you are very generous, you can even buy me some coffee!
  • Buy me a cup of coffe via Paypal Buy me a cup of coffee via PayPal
  • Or send me coffee every day via [gratipay]!




Special thanks:

Without peter's help and work on s3pe/s3pi project, there won't be this project, which highly depends on his two projects. His philosophy to share and distribute open source project will be carried on.

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