Model exporting

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Preparing to export

Make sure to apply all modifiers except the armature modifier before export


Give the object a name like below


this allows you to keep track of the objects easier and differentiate them from meshes later

Give the mesh a name like below


This makes the mesh easier to reference in the .dei file

Exporting to FBX

Select all the armatures and objecxts you want to export

export selection

hold down shift and left click on each item you want

export fbx

go file > export > fbx

Export options Main

export fbx main

tick "selected objects"

choose what scale to export the model as (somewhere around 0.10 will do for the first export) adjust on later exports

click "Armature" then shift click "Mesh"

tick "apply transform"

Export options Armature

export fbx armature

untick "add leaf bones"

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