Port of Phoenix code and other programs to Open CM9.04 boards and libraries
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Warning: This is always a Work In Progress. 😉

This project is used to hold ports of several of my other Arduino prjects as they are ported over to work with either the OpenCM9.04 board and/or the OpenCR1.0 board.

This includes porting of several of the projects like the Phantom_Phoenix code base, which was using the BIoloid (or my BioloidSerial) library to control servos, over to Robotis Dynamixel SDK library.

This project relies on the Arduino versions of the Robotis code base and will not work with their OPenCM IDE. You can find more information about the installation of the Arduino installs up on the Robitis Wiki.

This includes porting the code over to the Robotis support libraries and uses the Arduino install, which you can find information about at: http://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/software/arduino_ide/

I have also started to rename some of the projects, most of these projects have had some testing with both the OpenCM9.04 as well as the OpenCR board. However not all of them. As I play more with them, I will rename many of these from having a name which includes OpenCM to OpenCMR.

if a program only works on an OpenCR board the name will also reflect this.

Again still WIP: