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Code for the paper: Corpora Evaluation and System Bias Detection in Multi-document Summarization

CORPUS: For Pyramid evaluation through PyrEval: 1 -> Write a python script to copy and paste files from your respective source directories to the appropriate folders in PyrEval(Documents - Raw/model and Ground truth summaries - Raw/peer). This script needs to run in a loop for every topic in the corpus to get the final set of CSVs. 2 -> In file set the below : command to '0' at, remove the infinte loop at, add clear method in the end of autorun at 3 -> Remove any steps of deleting csvs if present in above mentioned clear() method 4 -> Write a python code to run through all the CSVs for each topic and calculate average

For Inv-Pyramid: 1 -> Since we are calculating the SCUs on a per document basis, write a python script to copy a single document 4 times in the Raw/model folder. 2 -> Each SCU generated will could be present multiple times, pick the unique ones among them. 3 -> Document SCUs can be found easily by putting the candidate set in the Raw/model folder. 4 -> Due to limited semantic understanding of Neural nets, SCUs may present in documents may not exactly match the SCU in reference. 5 -> Use any similarity alogorithm to match the SCU's, in our cases after manual evaluation we setted for Cosine similarity above 0.4.


Code for the paper: Corpora Evaluation and System Bias Detection in Multi-document Summarization, Accepted in EMNLP Findings 2020







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