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  1. woof woof Public

    A pure Scala 3 logging library with no reflection

    Scala 427 16

  2. lego-ble-wireless-protocol-docs lego-ble-wireless-protocol-docs Public

    This repository contains information about LEGO Hubs (name, battery level, etc.) and to interact with any sensors and motors connected to it.

    332 42

  3. AsyncAPI.NET AsyncAPI.NET Public

    The AsyncAPI.NET SDK contains a useful object model for AsyncAPI documents in .NET

    C# 302 16

  4. MINDSTORMS-Robot-Inventor-hub-API MINDSTORMS-Robot-Inventor-hub-API Public

    Documentation for the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor hub MicroPython API.

    73 11

  5. kong-aws-request-signing kong-aws-request-signing Public

    Plugin that enables the secure use of AWS Lambdas as upstreams in Kong using Lambda URLs

    Lua 38 6

  6. assume-aws-sso-role assume-aws-sso-role Public

    An AWS credential process that uses AzureAD

    Shell 10


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