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  • HW wallets: (known issue) on Win10-1903, some hw devices (that also have U2F functionality) can only be detected with Administrator privileges.
  • Trezor:
    • allow bypassing "too old firmware" error
    • use only the Bridge to scan devices if it is available
  • Bump fee (RBF) improvements:
    • Implemented a new fee-bump strategy that can add new inputs, so now any tx can be fee-bumped.
    • The old strategy was to decrease the value of outputs (starting with change). We will now try the new strategy first, and only use the old as a fallback (needed e.g. when spending "Max").
  • In the Release Notes you will find the description of all improvements and bugfixes.
Operating System Electrum File SHA256 Hash
Windows (Portable) electrum-btx_windows-portable_v3.3.8-btx.exe 068A55E9F0AA23EC66A24FE94F9DFDA29F25810C024D11A75D70DA95051934DE
Windows Setup electrum-btx_windows-setup_v3.3.8-btx.exe 6EC232FEA54E05758DDFA75804CE40FC886253FAAA20DA952CD005767CB7383F
Linux electrum_linux-x86_64_v3.3.8-btx.AppImage 95ECD5808DBD2EA261AEE9D3D884248DD44E2BB21349F623D884891885463CC7
Android electrum-btx_android_v3.3.8-btx.apk D8C40135B474C55506AC372E8A3156F794CCC42DB305C90EEFC37DDFE84E3AED
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