LINBIT DRBD-9.0 (new-stable)
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This repository contains the Linux kernel code for DRBD9.

DRBD, developed by LINBIT, is a software that allows RAID 1 functionality over TCP/IP and RDMA for GNU/Linux. DRBD is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters and software defined storage by providing a virtual shared device which keeps disks in nodes synchronised using TCP/IP or RDMA. This simulates RAID 1 but avoids the use of uncommon hardware (shared SCSI buses or Fibre Channel).

Using DRBD

Please read the user-guide provided at


For further products and professional support, please contact us.


Development is coordinated via mailing lists. Currently, we do not intend to use github issue tracking/github PRs.


Releases generated by git tags on github are snapshots of the git repository at the given time. You most likely do not want to use these. They might lack things such as generated man pages, the configure script, and other generated files. If you want to build from a tarball, use the ones provided by us.