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  1. drbd drbd Public

    LINBIT DRBD kernel module

    C 541 89

  2. drbd-utils drbd-utils Public

    DRBD userspace utilities (for 9.x, 8.4, 8.3)

    C 74 44

  3. linbit-documentation linbit-documentation Public

    Official DRBD documentation

    Makefile 34 20

  4. linstor-server linstor-server Public

    High Performance Software-Defined Block Storage for container, cloud and virtualisation. Fully integrated with Docker, Kubernetes, Openstack, Proxmox etc.

    Java 815 64

  5. drbd-reactor drbd-reactor Public

    Monitors DRBD resources via plugins.

    Rust 25 6

  6. virter virter Public

    Virter is a command line tool for simple creation and cloning of virtual machines based on libvirt

    Go 147 10


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