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Sync Roblox scripts from the filesystem for easy editing!
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RBXFS has been replaced by Rojo which is faster, more stable, and doesn't require installing Node.js!

A system to replicate scripts from the filesystem into Roblox Studio.


  • Make sure you have Node.js 8.0+ installed
  • Install this ROBLOX plugin
  • Install the server: npm install -g rbxfs


  • Navigate to the folder to sync and run rbxfs
  • Use buttons in plugin to move files between server and Roblox

File names map to different script types:

  • *.server.lua - Script
  • *.client.lua - LocalScript
  • *.lua - ModuleScript


RBXFS supports configuration via a file called rbxfs.json in the root of your project.

The default configuration values are:

	"rootDirectory": "",
	"rootObject": ""

It assumes that your code begins in the current directory and matches the Roblox hierarchy starting from game. You might have folders named ReplicatedStorage, ServerScriptStorage, and these would map to the top-level services.

To synchronize files in the src directory to ReplicatedStorage.MyGame, use this configuration:

	"rootDirectory": "src",
	"rootObject": "ReplicatedStorage.MyGame"


Developing requires Node.js 8.x.

See plugin for the ROBLOX plugin source. This can be synced to ROBLOX using the last released version of the plugin.

See lib for the Node.js server source. Use npm link to use the Git version in your projects.

Why not RbxRefresh?

I hadn't heard of RbxRefresh when I built this!

Other than that:

  • RbxRefresh's naming conventions make ModuleScript files unnecessarily verbose
  • I wanted a testbed for experimenting with further syncing than just Lua scripts


RBXFS is available under the MIT license. See for details.