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Project web site:

Top features:

  • 2 panel interface with drag and drop features
  • Fluent code editor, with a variaety of custom themes
  • Can search filenames or even text in a given path
  • Supports hotkeys
  • Able to view images



After installing all prerequisites

  1. Download the installer
user@host:~$ wget
  1. Grant the apropriate permissions
user@host:~$ chmod +x
  1. Run the script
user@host:~$ ./

It will be running around 10 to 15 minutes on average, great opportunity to drink some tea.

After the installation Docker containers will be started, you can check their status using:

user@host:~$ docker ps

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                  COMMAND                    NAMES
57cc6c3c2e2b   beget/sprutio-nginx    "nginx -g 'daemon off"     sprutio_nginx_1
3fbc26a6ecc1   beget/sprutio-app      "/init"                    sprutio_app_1
d6d539b09e5a   beget/sprutio-rpc      "/init"                    sprutio_rpc_1
41b22463e99a   beget/sprutio-cron     "/init"                    sprutio_cron_1
2ea18de7d54b   redis:3.0              "/ redis"     sprutio_redis_ will now be available over https on the following IP-address:

user@host:~$ https://YOUR_SERVER_IP:9443

To log in, please use any of your system's credentials

The file manager will use the default self-signed SSL certificate, to use any other, drop it in the "ssl" folder


Main screen image

We wish you great achievements with our product. Team.