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Multiplex the behaviour of the /v save command, remove level restri…
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RussellLVP committed Jul 14, 2020
1 parent 430c670 commit bf758a6d0d02c2c82026bf940e3c71af24348491
Showing 6 changed files with 109 additions and 37 deletions.
@@ -546,12 +546,13 @@
"VEHICLE_LOCK_UNREGISTERED": "@error Sorry, only registered players can lock vehicles. Register now on!",
"VEHICLE_LOCKED": "@success The %s has been locked!",
"VEHICLE_NOT_DRIVING": "@error %s is not currently in a vehicle managed by JavaScript.",
"VEHICLE_NOT_DRIVING_SELF": "@error You need to be in a public vehicle in order to use this command.",
"VEHICLE_NOT_DRIVING_SELF": "@error You need to be in a vehicle in order to use this command.",
"VEHICLE_QUICK_ALREADY_DRIVING": "@error Sorry, but you're already driving a vehicle!",
"VEHICLE_QUICK_COLLECTABLES": "@error Keep tagging Spray Tags and shooting Red Barrels to enable this command!",
"VEHICLE_RESET": "@success The vehicle layout has been reset.",
"VEHICLE_RESPAWNED": "@success The %s has been respawned.",
"VEHICLE_RESPAWN_NOT_IN_VEHICLE": "@error %s is not in a vehicle, which can thus not be respawned.",
"VEHICLE_SAVE_HELP": "@error You can only save vehicles when you're an administrator, have a house, or have VIP rights.",
"VEHICLE_SAVE_TOO_BUSY": "@error Sorry, this area is too busy! There already are %d vehicles (max: %d) and %d models (max: %d).",
"VEHICLE_SAVED": "@success The %s has been %s in the database.",
"VEHICLE_SEIZE_DRIVER": "@error %s is already driving your vehicle!",
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ Furthermore, administrators are able to use the following commands:
* **/v density**: Displays the density of vehicles within streaming radius around you.
* **/v enter [seat?]**: Enters the vehicle closest to you, optionally in `seat` (0-8).
* **/v reset**: Resets the server to its original vehicle layout.
* **/v save**: Saves the vehicle that you're currently driving in the database.
* **/v [player]? access [players/vips/administrators/management]?**: Restricts the vehicle to a
particular `level`.
* **/v [player]? color [0-255]? [0-255]?**: Displays or updates the colors of either your own vehicle, or
@@ -36,7 +37,6 @@ Furthermore, administrators are able to use the following commands:
* **/v [player]? health [0-1000]?**: Displays or updates the health of either your own vehicle, or
that of `player`.
* **/v [player]? respawn**: Respawns either your own vehicle, or that of `player`.
* **/v [player]? save**: Saves either your own vehicle, or that of `player`, in the database.

_Note that temporary administrators are not allowed to use either `/v save` or `/v delete`._

@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
// Copyright 2020 Las Venturas Playground. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by the MIT license, a copy of which can
// be found in the LICENSE file.

// Delegate for vehicle commands. Not all vehicles manageable are created by the Vehicles system,
// some are created by other systems such as Houses or gang zones. They can still benefit from the
// ability to save and change vehicles.
export class VehicleCommandDelegate {
// Called when the |player| wishes to save the vehicle they're driving. Must return a sequence
// of options ({ label, listener }) that can be considered by the system.
async getVehicleSaveCommandOptions(player) { return []; }
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ const kQuickVehicleCommands = {
class VehicleCommands {
constructor(manager, announce, collectables, limits, playground, streamer) {
this.manager_ = manager;
this.delegates_ = new Set();

this.announce_ = announce;
this.collectables_ = collectables;
@@ -60,10 +61,9 @@ class VehicleCommands {

// Command: /v [vehicle]?
// /v [enter/help/reset]
// /v [player]? [delete/health/respawn/save]
// /v [enter/help/reset/save]
// /v [player]? [delete/health/respawn]
.restrict(player => this.playground_().canAccessCommand(player, 'v'))
.parameters([ { name: 'seat', type: CommandBuilder.NUMBER_PARAMETER,
@@ -74,6 +74,8 @@ class VehicleCommands {
.sub(CommandBuilder.PLAYER_PARAMETER, player => player)
.restrict(Player.LEVEL_ADMINISTRATOR, /* restrictTemporary= */ true)
@@ -86,15 +88,17 @@ class VehicleCommands {
.restrict(Player.LEVEL_ADMINISTRATOR, /* restrictTemporary= */ true)
.build(/* deliberate fall-through */)
.restrict(player => this.playground_().canAccessCommand(player, 'v'))

// Either adds or removes the given |delegate| from the set of vehicle command delegates.
addCommandDelegate(delegate) { this.delegates_.add(delegate); }
removeCommandDelegate(delegate) { this.delegates_.delete(delegate); }

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Called when the player wants to seize the vehicle that they're in. This will move them to
@@ -350,19 +354,25 @@ class VehicleCommands {
// Called when the |player| executes `/v help`. Displays more information about the command, as
// well as the available sub-commands to the |player|.
onVehicleHelpCommand(player) {
const globalOptions = [ 'save' ];
const vehicleOptions = [];

if (!player.isAdministrator())
if (player.isAdministrator()) {
globalOptions.push('enter', 'help', 'reset');
vehicleOptions.push('health', 'respawn');

const globalOptions = ['enter', 'help', 'reset'];
const vehicleOptions = ['health', 'respawn'];
if (!player.isTemporaryAdministrator())

if (!player.isTemporaryAdministrator())
vehicleOptions.push('delete', 'save');
if (this.playground_().canAccessCommand(player, 'v'))

player.sendMessage(Message.VEHICLE_HELP_GLOBAL, globalOptions.sort().join('/'));
player.sendMessage(Message.VEHICLE_HELP_VEHICLE, vehicleOptions.sort().join('/'));
if (globalOptions.length)
player.sendMessage(Message.VEHICLE_HELP_GLOBAL, globalOptions.sort().join('/'));

if (vehicleOptions.length)
player.sendMessage(Message.VEHICLE_HELP_VEHICLE, vehicleOptions.sort().join('/'));

// Called when the |player| requests the vehicle layout to be reset.
@@ -395,14 +405,62 @@ class VehicleCommands {

// Called when the |player| executes `/v save` or `/v [player] save`, which means they wish to
// save the vehicle in the database to make it a persistent vehicle.
async onVehicleSaveCommand(player, subject) {
const vehicle = subject.vehicle;
// Called when the |player| executes `/v save`, which means they wish to save the vehicle in the
// database to make it a persistent vehicle. Delegates will also be considered before making
// this decision, as players might want to save e.g. their house vehicle.
async onVehicleSaveCommand(player) {
const vehicle = player.vehicle;

// Bail out if the |subject| is not driving a vehicle, or it's not managed by this system.
// Bail out if the |player| is not currently in a vehicle - there's nothing to save. They
// can see general usage guidelines after having entered one.
if (!vehicle) {

const options = [];

// Check whether one of the registered delegates is able to handle the vehicle's save. They
// return a sequence of options, which could be displayed in a dialog.
for (const delegate of this.delegates_)
options.push(...await delegate.getVehicleSaveCommandOptions(player));

// If the |player| is an administrator and has the ability to save vehicles, add that to the
// given |options| as well.
if (player.isAdministrator() && !player.isTemporaryAdministrator()) {
label: `Save to the vehicle layout`,
listener: VehicleCommands.prototype.onVehiclePermanentlySaveCommand.bind(this),

// There are three options here: (1) no options, show a help message, (2) one option, fast
// path and immediately call the listener, or (3) multiple options, show a dialog.
if (options.length === 1) return await options[0].listener(player, vehicle);

if (!options.length) {

// (1) Sort the |options| based in ascending order based on the label text.
options.sort((lhs, rhs) => lhs.label.localeCompare(rhs.label));

// (2) Compile a dialog with each of the |options|, and have the user pick one instead.
const dialog = new Menu('Vehicle options');

for (const { label, listener } of options)
dialog.addItem(label, listener.bind(null, player, vehicle));

return await dialog.displayForPlayer(player);

// Called when the |player|'s |vehicle| has to be permanently saved to the database. This option
// is only available to permanent administrators, and will persist between sessions.
async onVehiclePermanentlySaveCommand(player, vehicle) {
// Bail out if the |player| is not driving a vehicle, or it's not managed by this system.
if (!this.manager_.isManagedVehicle(vehicle)) {

@@ -198,18 +198,6 @@ describe('VehicleCommands', (it, beforeEach) => {

// TODO: We'll actually want to make this available to all the players.
// See the following issue:
it('should limit /v to administrators only', async(assert) => {
const russell = server.playerManager.getById(1 /* Russell */);
assert.equal(russell.level, Player.LEVEL_PLAYER);

assert.isTrue(await russell.issueCommand('/v'));
assert.equal(russell.messages.length, 1);
Message.format(Message.COMMAND_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_RIGHTS, 'specific people'));

it('should support spawning vehicles by their model Id', async(assert) => {
for (const invalidModel of ['-15', '42', '399', '612', '1337']) {
assert.isTrue(await gunther.issueCommand('/v ' + invalidModel));
@@ -469,7 +457,7 @@ describe('VehicleCommands', (it, beforeEach) => {

assert.isTrue(await gunther.issueCommand('/v save'));
assert.equal(gunther.messages.length, 1);
assert.equal(gunther.messages[0], Message.VEHICLE_QUICK_ALREADY_DRIVING);
assert.equal(gunther.messages[0], Message.VEHICLE_SAVE_HELP);

assert.isTrue(await gunther.issueCommand('/v delete'));
assert.equal(gunther.messages.length, 2);
@@ -480,8 +468,9 @@ describe('VehicleCommands', (it, beforeEach) => {
gunther.level = Player.LEVEL_PLAYER;
assert.isTrue(await gunther.issueCommand('/v help'));
assert.equal(gunther.messages.length, 1);
assert.equal(gunther.messages.length, 2);
assert.equal(gunther.messages[0], Message.VEHICLE_HELP_SPAWN);
assert.equal(gunther.messages[1], Message.format(Message.VEHICLE_HELP_GLOBAL, 'save'));

@@ -49,6 +49,18 @@ class Vehicles extends Feature {
this.decorations_ = new VehicleDecorations(settings, announce);

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Public API of the Vehicles feature
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Adds the given |delegate| to the set of delegates that can handle vehicle commands.
addCommandDelegate(delegate) { this.commands_.addCommandDelegate(delegate); }

// Removes the given |delegate| from the set of delegates that can handle vehicle commands.
removeCommandDelegate(delegate) { this.commands_.removeCommandDelegate(delegate); }

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

dispose() {
this.commands_ = null;

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