Back-End For Connect+, an Event Check-in Manager App for LinkedIn Users
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This repository is the Rails API of a two-part networking event attendance management application using the LinkedIn API, Connect+.

Connect+ was built to be a Networking Event Attendance Management system where event owners can create events using a secret code, share it with attendees and attendees can check-in, view other attendees at the event and easily connect with them on Linkedin - all in one place.

##Technologies Used Connect+ uses a PostgreSQL database. We accessed its Ruby on Rails API through Active Record, to return JSON to the front end. The front end is handled by AngularJS. Connect+'s API is hosted by Heroku, and the front end is on FireBase. The application accesses the LinkedIn API through oAuth 2.0.

##Installation The application requires two repositories. Please also make note of the front end, accessible at:

For this repo, please install dependencies using npm install. For the API, install dependencies using bundle install.

##User Stories

  • As an event owner, I should be able to create, read, update, and destroy my events.
  • As an event owner, I should receive an event code to distribute to users at my event.
  • As an attendee, I should be able to add people on LinkedIn with less than three clicks total.
  • As an attendee, I want to be able to view attendees at the event that I am attending. These attendees should be filtered or styled based on hiring or looking status.
  • As an attendee, I should be able to update my preferences and skill tags.
  • As an attendee, I should be able to view attendees with whom I have attended previous events.


  • oAuth through LinkedIn was a challenge. The process required multiple interdependent API calls, and documentation was sparse.
  • Managing a many-to-many relationship between data models was a unique challenge.

##Future Improvements

  • Analytics
  • Streamline oAuth backend code
  • Update CSS

Created by @lizafloyd, @LWatsonlm & @a-espioza