C++ wrapper for Labs64 NetLicensing RESTful API
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Labs64 NetLicensing Client (C++)

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C++ wrapper for Labs64 NetLicensing RESTful API

Visit Labs64 NetLicensing at http://netlicensing.io


  1. curl
  2. jsoncpp(included)

Windows build

Build curl

  1. Download curl from https://github.com/curl/curl/releases
  2. cd curl_directory\winbuild
  3. Read BUILD_WINDOWS.txt for building instructions
  4. In VC command prompt run command like nmake /f Makefile.vc VC=your_vc MACHINE=your_machine ENABLE_WINSSL=yes
  5. curl builds will be in sub directory \builds

Build NetLicensing C++ client

  1. Checkout project
  2. In NetLicensingClient-cpp create build directory
  3. Setup curl home directory for example using CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=your_curl_build_directory. Build directory contains bin, include and lib subdirs.
  4. In VC command prompt cd NetLicensingClient-cpp\build and issue cmake .. . To generate VC2015/x64 solution use cmake .. -G""Visual Studio 14 Win64"
  5. Open solution in VC and build library and demo client.

Linux build

Build NetLincesing-cpp

  1. Install curl dev. For ubuntu sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
  2. Checkout NetLicensingClient-cpp
  3. Run cmake or cmake .. from build sub directory
  4. make

Unit tests

For unit tests you need installed boost unit test library. To build project with unit tests activated use cmake option -DBUILD_TESTS=yes. For example cmake -DBUILD_TESTS=yes .. . Run tests exactly from tests directory in linux or tests/Debug on windows because of expected positions of json source files.