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Country and level 1 areas for django-shop
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This was taken almost verbatim from satchmo with the idea of being used as area-based apps (tax processors, mainly) for django-shop. It might end up being even too generic, and I might drop the django-shop part of the name yet.

The people at django-core seem to be thinking of using this data as well for localflavor.generic.


Just add 'l10n' to INSTALLED_APPS and call $ ./ l10n_load_data if you want the fixtures loaded for you (you probably do, otherwise, what's the point?)

An urls file is provided, which adds some utility views. You can either use that or add this views yourself, but you need the url to be named the same.

To use the AJAX calls you'll also need to {% include "l10n/headers.html" %} in the javascript area in your templates.


It ships a django-shop compliant Address class that uses this app as Country and Area model sources. Because of an issue when two different Address models exist, this model has been made into an abstract model, so if you want to use it as-is, please, just inherit from it like:

class Address(l10n.models.Address):

A suitable Admin class is provided as well, in l10n.admin.CountryAreaAdmin

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