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A collection of Cypress commands to extend and compliment the defaults
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Cypress commands

npm version

A collection of high-quality Cypress commands to compliment and extend the defaults.

This repository is not maintained by the Cypress developers. This means we can choose to ignore parts of their vision.

Documentation is a cornerstone of Cypress, the commands in this repository will try to keep these documentation standards.


Install the module.

npm install cypress-commands

Add the following line to cypress/support/index.js.


Type definitions

Import typescript definitions by adding them to your tsconfig.json. Add the cypress-commands types before the Cypress types so intellisense will prefer the cypress-commands versions.

"types": [

Extended commands

These commands have been extended to be able to do more than originally intended. For these commands, all tests that exist in the Cypress repository are copied to make sure the default behaviour stays identical unless we want it changed.

Added commands

These commands do not exist in Cypress by default.


Contributors are always welcome! I really don't care if you are a beginner or an expert, all help is welcome.

Running tests

First clone the repository and install the dependencies.

GUI mode

npm start

CLI mode

npm test
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