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Discourse Simplification

A project for simplifying sentences wrt. discourse/rhetorical structures. This works as a wrapper for the SentenceSimplification project.



Clone and install locally

git clone --branch v5.0.0 https://github.com/Lambda-3/SentenceSimplification.git 
cd SentenceSimplification
mvn install

Building and Running

mvn package

Run the program

Create a new text file with the input

vim input.txt

Run program

mvn clean compile exec:java

Inspect output

cat output_default.txt
cat output_flat.txt

Use as library

Check App.java. Or its usage in the Graphene project.

Contributors (alphabetical order)

  • Andre Freitas
  • Bernhard Bermeitinger
  • Christina Niklaus
  • Matthias Cetto
  • Siegfried Handschuh