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A small, simple but very accurate IMF music player for MS-DOS.
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A very simple ID software IMF music file player for MS-DOS. This literally started out as a hello world program while trying to get the hang of OpenWatcom and its debugging facilities which then became a x86 assembly exercize.

PLAYIMF can play both Type 0 and Type 1 IMF files at any playback rate. The timing logic was based from Wolfenstein 3D's original source so playback should be 100% accurate.

Please note that this player is to be run under MS-DOS with an OPL2 compatible sound card.

The entire player code is contained in a single assembler file which should make it very easy to integrate into your own projects with little to no modifications as long as your project targets to 16-bit DOS.


You will need OpenWatcom with 16-bit DOS targets (make sure wcc is not a copy of wcc386).

Run wmake to compile PLAYIMF.


Open the project file with the OpenWatcom IDE and compile with F4.


  • Programmed by Lameguy64 of Meido-Tek productions.
  • Timer code based from RAD's sample player code.
  • IMF timing logic based from Wolfenstein 3D's original source code.
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