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DQP Spidergraphs
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This is the repository for the DQP in Oregon Spidergraphs. The Degree Qualifications Profile in Oregin is part of the national Degree Qualification Profile project through The Lumina Foundation.

The Spidergraphs are designed to allow individual institutions to input their institution, program and course outcomes and view them in a graphical way.

Server Config

The application was written using PHP (5.x) and MySQL (5.x) on a Linux server. PHP and MySQL are used conservatively, so you should be able to install this on any server with current versions of PHP/MySQL and have it up and running within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, this was written using PHP's MYSQL_ extension, which is depricated as of PHP 5.5 and will be totally gone in PHP 7. Since the DQP has been shut down in Oregon, updating the spidergraphs has fallen far down the priority list. If someone would like to convert all the queries over to PDO and submit it back, that would be great. Otherwise, I'm afraid the spidergraphs have a definite expiration date.


  1. Download the lastest version
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Rename to and edit to match your database server
  4. Upload the files to a folder on your server
  5. Visit [your_server_address]/[folder_name]/install.php (example:
  6. Follow the instructions


For details on using the spidergraphs, please download


Matt Danskine Oregon DQP Web Application Developer


In the spirit of openness, the DQP project has always had a goal of sharing any materials we develop over the course of the DQP grant.

In keeping with that spirit, at the October, 2012 conference at Lane, we decided to release our materials under the MIT License.

For more information, please visit


v1.0 - 6/24/2013 - Initial release of PHP/MySQL based (non-Django) version of the spidergraph.

v1.01 - 1/7/2014 - Added SESSION var to update and delete lines so you can only update/delete items from your own institution.

v1.02 - 1/8/2014 - Added a line to delete install.php after it runs so you can't overwrite the database on accident later.

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