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Embedded software (firmware) for the laser system and components, including configuration files
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config homespeed is in ustep/sec (fixes issue #45)
iotest_board made it build with gcc4mbed
laser synced with
mbed @ 6e58560 updated mbed subrepository to latest version and updated patch
.gitignore Add .gitignore file to ignore GCC generated files and .DS_Store OS X …
.gitmodules Added mbed libs as submodule Modified README
laoslaser-03-01-2014.bin added mbed-gcc compiled firmware
laoslaser-12-08-2012.bin fixed laser on at start and laser power modulation
laoslaser-12-08-2014.bin compiled version with support for large sd
laoslaser-14-05-2014.bin new binary + updated readme
laoslaser-14-11-2014.bin New binary
laoslaser-14-9-2012.bin Added compiled version
laoslaser-2-6-2013.bin new compiled firmware, fixes issue #85
laoslaser-22-05-2014.bin updated binary
laoslaser-23-02-2015 added binary
laoslaser-26-10-2014.bin fix for laser misfiring:…
laoslaser-29-12-2012.bin included bitmap fixes
laoslaser-5-12-2012.bin added latest build
laoslaser-8-12-2012.bin Compiled version with gcc4mbed/Tosqa image
laoslaser-9-9-2012.bin Added latest build
laoslaser_LPC1768.bin latest working firmware

Embedded software (firmware) for the laser system and components, including configuration files.

Build setup, using MBED library sources

(No GCC4MBED required)

Get your compiler

Download from: (or use the one that comes with your distribution: apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi ). On Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit, you need to install libc6:i386.

Download LaosLaser source:

git clone --recursive

Patch mbed libraries:

cd Firmware/mbed/
patch -p1 < ../laser/mbed.patch

Set your GCC path

Set the path to the gcc compiler in a workspace_tools/ file. Make sure you end with the bin folder. For example using:

echo 'GCC_ARM_PATH = "home/usr/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2014q1/bin/"' > workspace_tools/

Build MBED libraries:

python workspace_tools/ -m LPC1768 -t GCC_ARM -r -e -u -c

Link LaOSlaser as an mbed example project

cd libraries/tests/net/protocols/
ln -s  ../../../../../laser .
cd ../../../..

Build LaosLaser:

python workspace_tools/ -m LPC1768 -t GCC_ARM -n laser

Read for more info

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