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Embedded software (firmware) for the laser system and components, including configuration files

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Embedded software (firmware) for the laser system and components, including configuration files.

Build Setup

As copied from gcc4mbed: These steps install the laos firmware source code and GCC4MBED project on your machine so that you can perform an offline build using the GNU for ARM Embedded toolchain:

  • git clone --recursive
  • git clone
  • cd gcc4mbed
  • Run the install script appropriate for your platform:
    • Windows: win_install.cmd
    • OS X: mac_install
    • Linux: linux_install
  • You can then run the BuildShell script which will be created during the install to properly configure the PATH environment variable. You may want to edit this script to further customize your development environment or copy its essence into your existing shell setup script.
  • cd ../Firmware/laser
  • make clean all

Build setup, using MBED library sources (No GCC4MBED requried):

Important Notes:

  • Files will fail to install to a FAT based file system. Extract to a more appropriate file system (ie. NTFS on Windows) first and then copy to a FAT drive after installation.
  • If the installation should fail, please refer to win_install.log, linux_install.log, or mac_install.log. It will contain the details of the installation process and any errors that were encountered.
  • The OS X install only supports 64-bit Intel machines. The installers for the other platforms only install 32-bit Intel binaries.
  • The Linux install only installs 32-bit Intel binaries. If you are running a 64-bit version of Intel Linux then you may need to install the 32-bit support libraries. This problem typically shows up as a file not found error when you attempt to run tools such as arm-none-eabi-g++. On Ubuntu, the necessary libraries can be installed by running sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

More Information

Debugging: Learn how to use the GNU Debugger, GDB, with the new MRI debug monitor in GCC4MBED.

Makefile Configuration: Information about makefile options to customize your project's binary.

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