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Easily get an OAuth 2.0 access token to use with the HERE API services
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HERE API OAuth 2.0 Client

Easily retrieve OAuth 2.0 bearer access token to use with the HERE API services.

🚀 Quick Start

Require the package in the composer.json of your project.

composer require laralabs/here-api-oauth2-client

Set the following variables in your env file, you can get these from the HERE Developer Site. Check in the REST section for OAuth 2.0 Tokens.


Now you can retrieve an access token using either the facade or helper function. The package will return an access token from the cache or request a new one if it has expired.

Helper function

$token = getHereApiToken();


use Laralabs\HereOAuth\Facade\HereOAuth;

$token = HereOAuth::getToken();

👏 Credits

Special thanks to Roberto for his assistance in getting the signing working correctly, go check out his repositories if you're looking for a pure PHP library 👍

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