Quick adminpanel builder package for Laravel 5
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Current state

This package is not actively maintained and no new features should be expected, extept for bugfixes (mostly by accepting PR) and compatibility with newer Laravel versions as they are released.

Alternatively, check out premium online adminpanel generator version - no packages required there, no syntax to learn, it generates Laravel project for you: QuickAdminPanel.com

We've also recently released Vue.js+Laravel version of generator: Vue.QuickAdminPanel.com

Finally, see free alternatives in our article on Laravel News: 13 Laravel Admin Panel Generators

Package Requirements

  • Laravel ^5.6

Laravel 5.5 users info!

To use Quickadmin with Laravel Laravel 5.4 use branch 3.0.2

Laravel 5.4 users info!

To use Quickadmin with Laravel Laravel 5.4 use branch 2.1.1

Laravel 5.3 users info!

To use Quickadmin with Laravel Laravel 5.3 use branch 2.0.x

Laravel 5.2 users info!

To use Quickadmin with Laravel Laravel 5.2 use branch 1.x.x

Laravel 5.1.11 users info!

To use Quickadmin with Laravel Laravel 5.1.11 use branch 0.4.x

QuickAdmin installation

Please note: QuickAdmin requires fresh Laravel installation and is not suitable for use on already existing project.

  1. Install the package via composer require laraveldaily/quickadmin.
  2. Add Laraveldaily\Quickadmin\QuickadminServiceProvider::class, to your \config\app.php providers after App\Providers\RouteServiceProvider::class, otherwise you will not be able to add new ones to freshly generated controllers.
  3. Configure your .env file with correct database information
  4. Run php artisan quickadmin:install and fill the required information.
  5. Register middleware 'role' => \Laraveldaily\Quickadmin\Middleware\HasPermissions::class, in your App\Http\Kernel.php at $routeMiddleware
  6. Access QuickAdmin panel by visiting http://yourdomain/admin.

More information and detailed description



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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