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πŸ“š A simple tool to help you read faster.
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πŸ“š beKnowledge

beKnowledge is a tool designed to help you read faster by letting you read without moving your eyes. beKnowledge shows you words one after another in the same place at your choosen pace. It also gives you pauses to blink and a pause every 1000 words so you can rest your eyes and drink a sip of your coffee.

I don't quite understand

beKnowledge is based on the idea behind this gif:


And it turns your texts into that. I've written it to help me study faster and so far it's been a success! (note, it doesn't turn your text into a gif, it just displays the text in your console the way the gif is displaying it).

How to compile

To compile beKnowledge you need to have the LDPL Programming Language compiler 3.0.4 (or newer) installed on your $PATH. If you have it, just run

$ ldpl -i=explode.ldpl beKnowledge.ldpl -o=beKnowledge

How to use

Just execute beKnowledge with your favorite text file like this:

$ ./beKnowledge <yourfile.txt>

Replacing <yourfile.txt> by the name of your actual text file.

Download an executable

Executables are provided for Linux x64 in the releases section of this repository.

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