Collaborative effort on the next version of LaserWeb / CNCWeb
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LaserWeb (4.0.x)

This repository is a "development environment" - and no regular user would have to touch this at all (dont download the repo from here, use the Download links below)


Releases are made available (almost) daily on


For more documentation, go to the Wiki


Check the LaserWeb/CNCWeb Google+ community for updates on the progress of this iteration of Laserweb.

Other than that, this version is early, so check the Issues tab for "details".

Supported firmwares

Note: Ever changing. See the Issues tab above for details.

Firmware Supported Raster Performance CNC Support Pull Requests Accepted
Grbl (>1.1d) Yes Great Great Yes - improvements
Smoothieware Yes * Okayish Okayish Yes - improvements to performance
TinyG Yes Unknown (help test) Good Yes - improvements
Marlin Not yet Unknown No Yes - please
Repetier Not yet Unknown No Yes - please
  • If you have a Smoothieware based controller, but performance on Raster is choking you with stuttering moves: This is a known issue. We recommend switching to which runs on the LPC1769 based boards for now, as this performs much faster for laser applications. Want to help fix the Smoothieware stuttering issue: Contact @openhardwarecoza and I'll give you details on the testing regiment we need to provide to the Smoothieware team to prove the point


If you want to contribute, the below are long standing community-requested enhancements, that a) we don't have time to code or b) need extra skills

  • GCODE Optimiser - to cut down on G0 moves (something like
  • More Controllers! Help us implement more firmwares (improve Tiny, add Marlin/Repetier, etc)
  • WebGL Transformation Filters to use Webcam to setup stock
  • Automate Electron Builds for all platforms

How to contribute ?

Details on