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Dinero API wrapper for Laravel (PHP in general)
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Laravel Dinero REST wrapper

This is a PHP/Laravel wrapper for Dinero.

Framework-agnostic package in the making

This package is no longer actively maintained, as I'm switching to this one: LasseRafn/php-dinero

Benefits of the new package include:

  • Better code
  • Cleaned code
  • Tested code
  • Fewer dependencies (removed illuminate/support)
  • Maintained

You could actually use this for non-Laravel projects aswell, since we do not utilize any Laravel-specific functionality (we use Illuminate collections, that is required in the composers file) However I do not support anything but Laravel, so it has not been tested. Use at your own risk.


  1. Require using composer
composer require lasserafn/dinero-economic

Getting started

 $dinero = new \LasseRafn\Dinero\Dinero( $clientId, $clientSecret );
 $dinero->auth( $apiKey, $orgId ); // this WILL send a request to the auth API.
 $contacts = $dinero->contacts()->perPage(10)->page(2)->get();
 // Do something with the contacts.
 $invoices = $dinero->invoices()->all();
 $products = $dinero->products()->deletedOnly()->all();

You can also use an old auth token, if you dont want to auth everytime you setup a new instance of Dinero.

 $dinero = new \LasseRafn\Dinero\Dinero( $clientId, $clientSecret );
 $dinero->setAuth($token, $orgId); // this will NOT send a request to the auth API.
 $products = $dinero->products()->deletedOnly()->all();

About us / me

I created this library to make integrations with Dinero easier, considering we do A LOT of integrations at my work. I did this project while working at Bizz Zolutions.