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Lateral-Thoughts Agora : espace de démocratie au sein de LT pour la prise collégiale de décisions.
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LT Agora

Info:See Github for the latest source.
Author: Olivier Girardot <>


The goal of this project is to provide an online democratic platform to make decisions altogether and keep traces of the whereabouts of these decisions.

With Agora, you can :

  • Create new proposals for the community to vote;
  • Vote +1, 0, or -1 on any proposal;
  • Connect with your Google Apps account, restricting users by domain ex:
  • Comment on any proposal and be notified by mail;
  • Closes automatically any proposal where everyone voted +1 or 0;
  • Consume RESTFul open APIs to handle users, decisions and votes;
  • Upload documents to decisions and make them available for download.

Quick note on vote practices

If you are totally in favour of a proposal, then +1 is the way to go. However, if you feel this should be improved, then vote 0 and optionally comment what could be improved (this is actually most welcome) in order for you to vote +1. If you are opposed to a proposal, then vote -1 but be aware you HAVE to detail what is missing in the current proposal that would then make you vote +1 for it.

In case of 0/-1, you can create an improvement proposal deriving from your vote comment.

Setting up

You need to have Python 2.7+ installed, and virtualenv,

  • Clone project;
  • Create a new virtualenv;
  • execute pip install -r requirements.txt to fetch dependencies;
  • Test database is already bundled, so then all you need is to execute ./ runserver to run local dev server;

A few env variables are needed to configure the project properly:

  • AGORA_GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID : google api console client id for app
  • AGORA_GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET : google secret api key for app

A few env variables are optional but useful for more features:

  • AGORA_SEND_MAIL : If Agora should send emails, defaults to False
  • AGORA_SITE_URL : The Agora website (only the hostname and port), defaults to localhost:8000

And here are all the variables that you may need to configure emails:

  • AGORA_EMAIL_HOST : for the server to use for smtp, defaults to localhost
  • AGORA_EMAIL_HOST_USER defaults to blank
  • AGORA_EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD defaults to blank
  • AGORA_EMAIL_PORT defaults to 25
  • AGORA_EMAIL_USE_TLS ("True" or "False") defaults to False


This project is licensed under AGPL.


You can contact us at : contact (at) if you need any help.

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