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(import '(java.awt Color Graphics RenderingHints Graphics2D)
'(java.awt.image BufferedImage)
'(java.awt.event MouseListener MouseMotionListener)
'(javax.swing JFrame JPanel))
;; Globals
(def *dt* (double 1.0))
(def running (atom true))
(def show-grid (atom true))
;; Helpers
(defmacro defworker [name args & body]
" Defines a worker which discontinues looping his main body
if the global atom 'running' is non-true. Exceptions are
caught and printed "
`(defn ~name ~args
(while @running
(try ~@body (catch Exception e#
(-> e# .getMessage println))))))
(defmacro aget!
([array y] `(aget ~(vary-meta array assoc :tag 'doubles) ~y))
([array x & ys] `(let [a# (aget ~(vary-meta array assoc :tag 'objects) ~@ys)]
(aget! a# ~x))))
(defmacro aset! [array x y v]
(let [nested-array `(aget ~(vary-meta array assoc :tag 'objects) ~y)
a-sym (with-meta (gensym "a") {:tag 'doubles})]
`(let [~a-sym ~nested-array]
(aset ~a-sym ~x (double ~v)))))
(defn new-array [w h]
(let [board (make-array Double/TYPE h w)]
(dotimes [i w]
(dotimes [j h]
(aset! board i j 0.0)))
(defmacro do-board [[w h] & body]
`(let [w# (int (dec ~w)) h# (int (dec ~h))]
(loop [~'i (int 1)]
(when (< ~'i w#)
(loop [~'j (int 1)]
(when (< ~'j h#)
(do ~@body)
(recur (unchecked-inc ~'j))))
(recur (unchecked-inc ~'i))))))
(defn up-array [orig]
(let [[u v] orig
[w h] [(count v) (-> v first count)]]
(do-board [w h]
(aset! u i j 0)
(aset! v i j -0.005))
[u v]))
(defn topdown-array [orig]
(let [[u v] orig
[w h] [(count v) (-> v first count)]]
(do-board [w h] (aset! v i j (if (>= j (/ h 2)) -0.5 0.5)))
[u v]))
(defn randr-array [orig]
(let [[u v] orig
[w h] [(count v) (-> v first count)]]
(do-board [w h]
(aset! u i j (- 1.0 (rand 2)))
(aset! v i j (- 1.0 (rand 2))))
[u v]))
;; Sources
(defn add-sources
[board sources]
(doseq [[x y] sources] (aset! board x y 500.0))
;; Diffusion
(defmacro cswap! [arr x y old p]
`(aset! ~arr ~x ~y (if ~p (- ~old) ~old)))
(defn set-bounds [arr b]
(let [N (int (- (count arr) (int 2)))
n1 (unchecked-inc N)
z (int 0)]
(loop [i (int 1)]
(when (<= i N)
(cswap! arr z i (aget! arr 1 i) (= b 1))
(cswap! arr n1 i (aget! arr N i) (= b 1))
(cswap! arr i z (aget! arr i 1) (= b 2))
(cswap! arr i n1 (aget! arr i N) (= b 2))
(recur (unchecked-inc i))))
(aset! arr z z (* 0.5 (+ (aget! arr 1 z) (aget! arr z 1))))
(aset! arr z n1 (* 0.5 (+ (aget! arr 1 n1) (aget! arr z N))))
(aset! arr n1 z (* 0.5 (+ (aget! arr N z) (aget! arr n1 1))))
(aset! arr n1 n1 (* 0.5 (+ (aget! arr N n1) (aget! arr n1 N))))
(defmacro map! [f lookup]
`(let [[w# h#] [(count ~lookup) (-> ~lookup first count)]]
(let [board# (make-array Double/TYPE h# w#)]
(do-board [w# h#]
(let [~'above (double (aget! ~lookup (unchecked-dec ~'i) ~'j))
~'below (double (aget! ~lookup (unchecked-inc ~'i) ~'j))
~'left (double (aget! ~lookup ~'i (unchecked-dec ~'j)))
~'right (double (aget! ~lookup ~'i (unchecked-inc ~'j)))
~'self (double (aget! ~lookup ~'i ~'j))]
(aset! board# ~'i ~'j ~f)))
(set-bounds board# 0))))
(defn diffuse-board
[board b diffusion dt]
(let [sz (count board)
dr (double (* dt diffusion sz sz))
dconst (double (* 4 dr))]
(map! (/ (+ self (* dr (+ (+ above below) (+ left right))))
dconst) board)))
(defn advection [densities velocities b]
(let [sz (count densities)
sz1 (- sz (int 2))
retr (new-array sz sz)
half (double 0.5)
[u v] velocities]
(do-board [sz sz]
(let [x (- (int i) (* sz1 (double (aget! u i j))))
y (- (int j) (* sz1 (double (aget! v i j))))
x (cond (< x half) half
(> x (+ half sz1)) (unchecked-dec sz1)
:else (double x))
y (cond (< y half) half
(> y (+ half sz1)) (unchecked-dec sz1)
:else (double y))
i0 (int x)
i1 (unchecked-inc i0)
j0 (int y)
j1 (unchecked-inc j0)
s1 (double (- x i0))
s0 (double (- (int 1) s1))
t1 (double (- y j0))
t0 (double (- (int 1) t1))]
(aset! retr i j
(+ (* s0 (+ (* t0 (double (aget! densities i0 j0)))
(* t1 (double (aget! densities i0 j1)))))
(* s1 (+ (* t0 (double (aget! densities i1 j0)))
(* t1 (double (aget! densities i1 j1)))))))))
(set-bounds retr b)))
(defn project [velocities]
(let [[u v] velocities
[w h] [(count u) (-> u first count)]
r (double (/ 1.0 h))
p (new-array w h)
div (new-array w h)
half (double 0.5)]
(do-board [w h]
(aset! div i j
(* (double -0.5) r
(+ (- (double (aget! u (unchecked-inc i) j))
(double (aget! u (unchecked-dec i) j)))
(- (double (aget! v i (unchecked-inc j)))
(double (aget! v i (unchecked-dec j))))))))
(let [div (set-bounds div 0)
p (set-bounds p 0)]
(do-board [w h]
(aset! p i j
(/ (+ (+ (double (aget! div i j))
(double (aget! p (unchecked-dec i) j)))
(+ (double (aget! p (unchecked-inc i) j))
(double (aget! p i (unchecked-dec j))))
(double (aget! p i (unchecked-inc j))))
(double 4))))
(let [p (set-bounds p 0)]
(do-board [w h]
(aset! u i j
(double (aget! u i j))
(/ (* half
(- (double (aget! p (unchecked-inc i) j))
(double (aget! p (unchecked-dec i) j))))
(aset! v i j
(- (double (aget! v i j))
(/ (* half
(- (double (aget! p i (unchecked-inc j)))
(double (aget! p i (unchecked-dec j)))))
[(set-bounds u 1) (set-bounds v 2)]))))
;; Rendering
(defn render-scene [#^Graphics2D g w h scale board velocities]
(doto g
(.setColor Color/BLACK)
(.fillRect 0 0 (* scale w) (* scale h)))
(do-board [w h]
(let [density (min 255 (int (aget! board i j)))]
(.setColor g (Color. density density density))
(.fillRect g (* i scale) (* j scale) scale scale)
(when @show-grid
(let [[u v] velocities
mx (+ (* i scale) (/ scale 2)) ; Middle of cell, X
my (+ (* j scale) (/ scale 2))
ux (aget! u i j)
vy (aget! v i j)]
(if (pos? vy)
(.setColor g Color/RED)
(.setColor g Color/GREEN))
(.drawLine g mx my (+ mx (* ux scale))
(+ my (* vy scale))))))))
(defworker render [panel fps]
(.repaint panel)
(Thread/sleep (* 1000 (/ 1 fps))))
;; Dynamics
(defn density-step [d v sources]
(when-let [s (seq @sources)]
(swap! d add-sources s))
(swap! d diffuse-board 0 1 1)
(swap! d advection v 0))
(defn velocity-step [velocities]
(let [drefv @velocities
[u v] drefv]
(reset! velocities [(diffuse-board u 1 1 1) (diffuse-board v 2 1 1)])
(swap! velocities project)
(reset! velocities [(advection u drefv 1) (advection v drefv 2)])
(swap! velocities project)))
(defworker dynamics [densities velocities sources panel]
(velocity-step velocities)
(density-step densities @velocities sources))
;; UI + UI Utilities
(defn new-source [e scale sources]
(swap! sources conj [(int (/ (.getX e) scale)) (int (/ (.getY e) scale))]))
(defn add-density [board x y d]
(let [w (count board)]
(aset! board (int x) (int y) (double d))
(defn add-force [board x y u v]
(let [[horiz vert] board
w (count horiz)]
(aset! horiz (int x) (int y) (double u))
(aset! vert (int x) (int y) (double v))
[horiz vert]))
(defn mouse-click [sources scale]
(proxy [java.awt.event.MouseListener] []
(mouseExited [e] nil)
(mouseEntered [e] nil)
(mouseReleased [e] nil)
(mousePressed [e] nil)
(mouseClicked [e]
(if (= java.awt.event.MouseEvent/BUTTON1 (.getButton e))
(new-source e scale sources)
(swap! show-grid not)))))
(defn mouse-move [mouse densities velocities scale sz]
(proxy [java.awt.event.MouseMotionListener] []
(mouseMoved [e] (reset! mouse [(/ (.getX e) scale) (/ (.getY e) scale)]))
(mouseDragged [e]
(let [[mx my] [(/ (.getX e) scale) (/ (.getY e) scale)]
[omx omy] @mouse
dx (- mx omx)
dy (- my omy)
len (max 1 (+ (Math/sqrt (+ (* dx dx) (* dy dy))) 0.5))]
(dotimes [i len]
(let [cx (* scale (/ (+ omx (* (/ i len) dx)) (* sz scale)))
cy (* scale (/ (+ omy (* (/ i len) dy)) (* sz scale)))]
(swap! densities add-density mx my 1000.0)
(swap! velocities add-force mx my dx dy)
(reset! mouse [mx my])))))))
(defn main [scale [w h]]
(reset! running true)
(reset! show-grid false)
(let [densities (atom (new-array w h))
velocities (atom (up-array [(new-array w h) (new-array w h)]))
sources (atom [])
mouse (atom [0 0])
panel (doto (proxy [JPanel] []
(paint [g] (render-scene g w h scale
@densities @velocities))))]
(doto (JFrame. "Fluid Dynamics")
(.addWindowListener (proxy [java.awt.event.WindowAdapter] []
(windowClosing [_] (reset! running false))))
(.addMouseListener (mouse-click sources scale))
(.addMouseMotionListener (mouse-move mouse densities velocities scale w))
(.setSize (* scale w) (* scale h))
.pack .show
(.add panel))
(future (render panel 20))
(future (dynamics densities velocities sources panel))))
(main 7 [80 80])