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(ns clojureql.internal
(:require clojure.contrib.sql.internal)
(:use [clojure.string :only [join] :rename {join join-str}]))
(def *db* {:connection nil :level 0})
(defn with-cnx*
"Evaluates func in the context of a new connection to a database then
closes the connection."
[db-spec func]
(with-open [con (clojure.contrib.sql.internal/get-connection db-spec)]
(binding [*db* (assoc *db*
:connection con :level 0 :rollback (atom false))]
(defmacro with-cnx
[db-spec & body]
`(with-cnx* ~db-spec (fn [] ~@body)))
(defn colkeys->string
" [:k1 :k2] becomes \"k1,k2\" "
(->> tcols (map name) (join-str \,)))
(defn map->predicate
" {:x 5 :y 10} becomes \"x=5 AND y=10\"
{'x 5 'y 10} becomes \"x=5 OR y=10\"
Strings are automatically quoted. "
(reduce (fn [acc [k v]]
(str acc (if-not (empty? acc)
(if (symbol? k) " OR " " AND "))
(name k)
(if (string? v)
(format "'%s'" v)
)) "" pred))
(defn non-unique-map
" Reduces a collection of key/val pairs to a single hashmap.
[[:a 5] [:b 10]] => {:a 5 :b 10}
[[:a 5] [:b 10] [:a 15]] => {:a [5 15] :b 10} "
(reduce (fn [acc [k v]]
(assoc acc k (if-let [vl (acc k)]
(if (not= vl (acc k))
(conj [vl] v)
v))) {} ks))
(defn sql-clause [pred & args]
" Allows you to generate an sql clause by identifying params as %1, %2, %n.
(sql-clause '%1 > %2 < %1' 'one' 'two') => 'one > two < one' "
(letfn [(rep [s i] (.replaceAll s (str "%" (inc i))
(let [item (nth args i)]
(if (keyword? item)
(name item)
(str item)))))]
(loop [i 0 retr pred]
(if (= i (-> args count dec))
(rep retr i)
(recur (inc i) (rep retr i))))))
; SQL Specifics
(defn result-seq
"Creates and returns a lazy sequence of structmaps corresponding to
the rows in the java.sql.ResultSet rs"
[^java.sql.ResultSet rs]
(let [rsmeta (. rs (getMetaData))
idxs (range 1 (inc (. rsmeta (getColumnCount))))
keys (map (comp keyword #(.toLowerCase ^String %))
(map (fn [i] (. rsmeta (getColumnLabel i))) idxs))
row-values (fn [] (map (fn [^Integer i] (. rs (getObject i))) idxs))
rows (fn thisfn []
(when (. rs (next))
(->> (for [i idxs :let [vals (row-values)]]
[(nth keys (dec i)) (nth vals (dec i))])
(lazy-seq (thisfn)))))]
(defn with-results*
"Executes a query, then evaluates func passing in a seq of the results as
an argument. The first argument is a vector containing the (optionally
parameterized) sql query string followed by values for any parameters."
[[sql & params :as sql-params] func]
(when-not (vector? sql-params)
(throw "sql-params must be a vector"))
(with-open [stmt (.prepareStatement (:connection *db*) sql)]
(doseq [[index value] (map vector (iterate inc 1) params)]
(.setObject stmt index value))
(with-open [rset (.executeQuery stmt)]
(func (result-seq rset)))))
(defmacro with-results
"Executes a query, then evaluates body with results bound to a seq of the
results. sql-params is a vector containing a string providing
the (optionally parameterized) SQL query followed by values for any
[results sql-params & body]
`(with-results* ~sql-params (fn [~results] ~@body)))
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