Windows Phone app for accessing the danish community site
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.gitignore app for Windows Phone

What is is a danish community site with news, guides etc. relevant for danish Windows Phone and Windows users.

The new app

Since November 2011 we have had an app for access (Which were the old name of the site).
Sadly this app isn't working that well, especially with danish chars like æ, ø and å and I can see that it is often crashing.
The current app is based on this Starter Kit.

Due to the fact that the current app isn't working that well, I decided to code up a new one - from scratch this time.

I were planning to just develop this app by myself, but some weeks ago I got the idea that it would be awesome to do it together with the community, similar to what I had experienced earlier this year by following some of the Code52 projects.

So here we are on Github with a project that will hopefully become an awesome app very soon!

Let's get starting!

Joining the project

Basically everybody can join and participate in this project. We need developers, graphical dudes, people who can come with awesome ideas for features, beta testers etc.

To keep things moving along and to help organize and structure the process, we will use the following tools.

  • Trello Board - add ideas, or claim an idea and start working on it!

For more information visit the wiki


If you are a developer you need the following to be able to build and run the app:

  • Some version of Visual Studio 2010 (Premium, Ultimate, etc). Note: Express doens't work as we use Solution folders, which Express doesn't support. If you would like to participate and you use Express, let's look into a solution - until then I won't do anything about it.
  • Latest Windows Phone SDK 7.1

That should be enough to get started. Now what you have to do is Fork the repo, claim a task you will work on in Trello and start working. When you are done create a Pull Request so I can take in your work into the project.


Here is a list of all the people who have contributed in some way to the project. Great job guys!

  • Kenn Leth Hansen
  • Christian Mourier
  • Alexander Wennerstrøm
  • Kim Christiansen
  • Mads Laumann

Places to look

We could get som inspiration from this project, which is similar, at least UI-wise.