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User Guide

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Ajenti Server Admin Panel with Ajenti-V.

  • Admin Panel
  • Website
    • Nginx
    • PHP, PHP-FPM(FastCGI)
    • FTP
  • MySQL Database
  • MailServer

Default website is set. Specs are below.

  • Set maintenance mode by default.
  • DocumentRoot: /srv/default.
  • TLS enabled with SPDY.
  • phpMyAdmin with pmadb.

Login to Ajenti Server Admin Panel

Once your AMI is running, enter the Public DNS into your web browser to access.

Notice: The panel uses self-signed certificate for TLS.

  • Visit https://{hostname}:8443/
  • Login with User: root Password: {your instance_id}

Agenti Login

Login to instance via SSH

  • Username: ubuntu (allow by sudoers)

Manage Service

  • service ajenti {start|stop|restart|status}

About Ajenti

Official Guide is here =>


All Ajenti resources had installed by apt.

sudo apt-get upgrade

Known Issue

Can't choose PHP-FPM at content TAB by new website.

Sorry, it's sometimes occur on initial boot.

It's effected of default site importing at boot process. Please restart ajenti at once after create your instance.

sudo service ajenti restart


How to enable default site and phpMyAdmin ?

First, open default site setting page.

Website Management

Turn Maintenance mode off and apply cahnges.

default Site General settings

Visit http/https to public url by browser. You can see Nginx default page.

Nginx Default Page

phpMyAdmin is set subdirectory, https://${public_url/public_ip}/phpmyadmin/.

  • username: root
  • password: YOUR_INSTANCE_ID


How to enable MailSystem ?

Mail System disabled by default. (allow only sending from localhost)

A server will listen ports 25/TCP, 465/TCP, 143/TCP and 993/TCP after enabled MailSystem from Panel. Please be careful.

MailSystem Management

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