Add traffic stat function to nginx. Useful for http accounting based on nginx configuration logic ( server / location / or anything else).
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Configure ngx_http_accounting_module as nginx module with --add-module when build nginx.

cd /path/to/nginx-src/

git clone -b v1.0

./configure --add-module=ngx_http_accounting_module

make && make install


Edit your nginx.conf.


    # turn on accounting function
    http_accounting  on;
    server {

        # set accounting_id based on server, use variable
        http_accounting_id  $http_host;
        location / {
            # set accounting_id based on location
            http_accounting_id  accounting_id_str;

        location /api {
            # for pc
            http_accounting_id  accounting_id_pc;
            # for mobile
            if ($http_user_agent ~* '(Android|webOS|iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry)') {
                http_accounting_id  accounting_id_mobile;




syntax: http_accounting on | off

default: http_accounting off

context: http


syntax: http_accounting_log </path/to/log/file>

default: -

context: http


syntax: http_accounting_id <accounting_id>

default: http_accounting_id default

context: server, location, if in location

Specifies current request belongs to which accounting_id.

This directive was first introduced in the v0.1 release, and can use variable in v1.0 and above.


syntax: http_accounting_interval <seconds>

default: http_accounting_interval 60

context: http

Specifies the reporting interval. Defaults to 60 seconds.


syntax: http_accounting_perturb on | off

default: http_accounting_perturb off

context: http

Randomly staggers the reporting interval by 20% from the usual time.


This module writes statistics to syslog. You should edit your syslog configuration.

For sample configuration / utils, see: Lax/ngx_http_accounting_module-utils

Sample syslog output

Apr  8 11:19:46 localhost NgxAccounting: pid:8555|from:1428463159|to:1428463186|accounting_id:default|requests:10|bytes_in:1400|bytes_out:223062|latency_ms:1873|upstream_latency_ms:1873|200:9|302:1

The output contains a list of k/v for the accounting metrics, in the sequence of:

key meaning
pid pid of nginx worker process
from / to metric was collected between these timestamps
accounting_id identify for the accounting unit, you name it with http_accounting_id directive
requests count of total requests processed
bytes_in total bytes receiverd by the server
bytes_out total bytes send out by the server
latency_ms a sum of $request_time, in millisecond
upstream_latency_ms a sum of $upstream_response_time, in millisecond
200 / 302 / 400 / 404 / 500 ... count of requests which response is with http code 200/302/400/404/500, etc


  • master : new feathers
  • v2-freeze-20110526 : works with nginx version(0.7.xx, 0.8.xx), nginx 0.9 is not tested. didn't work with nginx above 1.0.x.


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