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Add traffic stat function to nginx. Useful for http accounting based on nginx configuration logic ( server / location / or anything else).
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Configure ngx_http_accounting_module as nginx module with --add-module when build nginx.

cd /path/to/nginx-src/

git clone -b v1.0

./configure --add-module=ngx_http_accounting_module

make && make install


Edit your nginx.conf.


    # turn on accounting function
    http_accounting  on;
    server {

        # set accounting_id based on server, use variable
        http_accounting_id  $http_host;
        location / {
            # set accounting_id based on location
            http_accounting_id  accounting_id_str;



syntax: http_accounting on | off

default: http_accounting off

context: http


syntax: http_accounting_id

default: http_accounting_id default

content: server, location

Specifies current request belongs to which accounting_id.

This directive was first introduced in the v0.1 release, and can use variable in v1.0 and above.


This module write statistics to syslog. You should edit your syslog configuration.

For sample configuration / utils, see: Lax/ngx_http_accounting_module-utils

Sample syslog output

Apr  8 11:19:46 localhost NgxAccounting: pid:8555|from:1428463159|to:1428463186|accounting_id:default|requests:10|bytes_in:1400|bytes_out:223062|latency_ms:1873|upstream_latency_ms:1873|200:9|302:1

The output contains a list of k/v for the accounting metrics, in the sequence of:

key meaning
pid pid of nginx worker process
from / to metric was collected between these timestamps
accounting_id identify for the accounting unit, you name it with http_accounting_id directive
requests count of total requests processed
bytes_in total bytes receiverd by the server
bytes_out total bytes send out by the server
latency_ms a sum of $request_time, in millisecond
upstream_latency_ms a sum of $upstream_response_time, in millisecond
200 / 302 / 400 / 404 / 500 ... count of requests which response is with http code 200/302/400/404/500, etc


  • master : new feathers
  • v2-freeze-20110526 : works with nginx version(0.7.xx, 0.8.xx), nginx 0.9 is not tested. didn't work with nginx above 1.0.x.


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