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Helpful TagHelpers for any ASP.NET Core project (Paging, Select-Enum, etc).


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What is it?

A collection of useful TagHelpers for any ASP.NET Core project.

Documentation :

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Create a pagination control styled with bootstrap 4.x using simple html tag.

<paging page-no="Model.PageNo" 

PagingTagHelper default

Create bootstrap alerts using very simple html tag.

Front end alert

    My alert text ...

Backend alert

TempData.Success("My alert text ...")

Catch all backend alerts in frontend:


AlertTagHelper - success

Create a language dropdown navigation for websites. Supported cultures will be used to create the navigation items.

<language-nav flags="true"></language-nav>

LanguageNavTagHelper with flags

Add all client side scripts that are required for validating localized inputs like decimal numbers, dates, ..etc.


Localization number es

Live demos: