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Viper Browser

Codacy Badge Language grade: C/C++ Build Status

A powerful yet lightweight web browser built with the Qt framework

Licensed under GPLv3


  • All development is done with a focus on privacy, minimalism, and customization ability
  • Bookmark management
  • Built-in ad blocker, compatible with AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin filters
  • Cookie viewer, editor, and support for cookie filters (QtWebEngine 5.11+ only)
  • Compatible with Pepper Plugin API
  • Custom user agent support
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Fullscreen support
  • Granular control over browser settings and web permissions
  • Gives the user control over their data, no invasions of privacy like other browsers are known to do..
  • GreaseMonkey-style UserScript support
  • Multiple options for home page- any URL, blank page, or a card layout page with favorite and most visited websites
  • PDF.js embedded into the browser
  • Save and restore browsing sessions, local tab history, pinned tabs
  • Secure AutoFill manager (disabled by default)
  • Tab drag-and-drop support for HTML links, local files, other browser window tabs, etc
  • Tab hibernation / wake up support
  • Traditional browser UI design instead of WebUI and chromium-based interfaces


The browser can be built using the cmake build system, by either importing the root CMakeLists file into your IDE of choice or performing the following commands from a console:

$ git clone viper-browser
$ mkdir -p viper-browser/build && cd viper-browser/build
$ cmake ..
$ make

Tests can be ran by setting the ENABLE_TESTING in the cmake configuration.

The binary will be located in the build/src/app folder when following the commands listed above.


This project is possible thanks to the work of others, including those involved in the following projects:

  • Qt Framework
  • PDF.js
  • Arora QT Browser
  • Qt Tab Browser example (From Qt 5.5 Webkit example archive)
  • Code Editor example
  • Qupzilla - for parts of AdBlockPlus implementation
  • Otter Browser - for parts of AdBlockPlus implementation

All licenses and credits can be found in the file LICENSE