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update node install documentation for browserid

for browser-based OAuth account setup, you'll need to update the browserid.ini config file with your server domain
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Learning Registry

The Learning Registry makes digital learning resources easier to find, easier to access and easier to integrate into learning environments wherever they are stored -- around the country and the world. This will enable teachers, students, parents, schools, governments, corporations and non-profits to build and access better, more interconnected and personalized learning solutions needed for a 21st-century education. You can find more information on the Learning Registry project at the Learning Registry Web Site.

Getting Started

The Learning Registry in 20 Minutes or Less guide will get you rolling with creating, uploading, downloading, and verifying envelopes in and out of Learning Registry servers whether you're using Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

Setting Up a Learning Registry Node

Get Involved

  • Community Projects - We encourage you to contribute to the Learning Registry! Please share your learning registry code, utilities, demonstrations


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