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# This file contains the ripped_out parts of the binary
# that we'd like to emulate and trace
from rainbow.generics import rainbow_x64
from binascii import unhexlify
# Some external function calls need to be stubbed
# We just force them to return 0
def time(em):
em["rax"] = 0
return True
def srand(em):
return True
def clock_gettime(em):
em["rax"] = 0
return True
def rand(em):
em["rax"] = 7
return True
e = rainbow_x64(sca_mode=True, local_vars=globals())
e.load("ctf2", typ=".elf")
e.mem_trace = 1
def main_func(inputt):
e[0xd037a0:0xd037a0+16] = 0
# Resets the leakage trace
inp = iter(unhexlify(inputt))
def strtol(em):
em["rax"] = next(inp)
return True
e.stubbed_functions["strtol"] = strtol
e.start(0xca9, 0x1038)
print('', end='') # Here to avoid some obscure race condition in unicorn
e.start(0x10BA, 0x13DA, count=5000)
return e.sca_address_trace, e.sca_values_trace
if __name__ == "__main__":
addr, trace = main_func("00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff")
from rainbow.utils import plot
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