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* Fix Makefile

The makefile was a tad out of date. Update it to support passing in
a specific PCM target.

* Add Build Step for Kernels

The kernels haven't been built or validated by the workflow. Adding
them to the build process now that the Makefile has been updated.

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These tools are a work in progress. They currently support reading, writing, and data logging with General Motors P01, P10, P12 and P59 Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs).


Go here:

The most recent release will be at the top of that page.

Click "Assets" (below the description of the release) and download the .zip file.

Extract the contents of the zip file, and run PcmHammer.exe or PcmLogger.exe.


The wiki for this project

The GM section of

Announcements on Facebook

A shortcut to the project's GitHub page

Universal Patcher

What do I need to edit bin files?

Most people use tunerpro. To do so you need to know the operating system id of your computer (OSID) and use that to find a matching XDF file which tells tunerpro what is in the XDF and how to edit it. XDFs can be found on and other places. Also check out Universal Patcher which does a lot more than just patching!

Where did the Arduino stuff go?