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These tools are a work in progress. We aim to support reading, writing, and data logging with General Motors P01 and P59 Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs). The 12200411 is best known variant, but there are several and we aim to support all of them.

Writing is working well enough to try it on your project car, but you probably shouldn't try that with your daily driver until it has proven itself a little more.


Go here:

The most recent release will be at the top of that page.

Click "Assets" (below the description of the release) and download the .zip file.

Extract the contents of the zip file, and run PcmHammer.exe or PcmLogger.exe.


The wiki for this project

The GM section of

Announcements on Facebook

A shortcut to the project's GitHub page

Some .bin files for flashing, and .xdf files for tuning:

BoredTruckOwner's LS-based repository

The GM section of SnoMan's multi-manufacturer repository

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