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Here is a list of commands for the bots, organized by the name of the bot. More will eventually be added in the future. Commands that have a strike through them are works in progress and are not functional (at the time of the last edit)

Be sure to check the Command Formatting page to learn how these commands are formatted.

  • Console Commands:

    • bots: listing: Gives a listing of the currently active bots.
    • bots: reload: This permission-restricted command reloads the bots.
  • Commands for iPhoenixBot:

    • ~rules: Please stop breaking the Rules.
    • ~spam: Please stop spamming.
    • ~releasethebots: THE BOTS HAVE BEEN RELEASED!!!
    • ~stophating: It has "Beta" in the title for a reason.
    • ~commandlist (~factoids, ~commands): (link to this page) (~factoids, ~commands, and ~commandlist do the same thing)
    • ~bad: That's so bad, it's almost impressive. (credit to TheLastMillennial)
  • Commands for karmaBot:

    • ~profile <username>: (link to <username>’s profile)
    • ~rank <username>: (tells you <username>'s rank, i.e. #1 for the user with the most karma)
    • ~karma <username>: (tells you how much karma <username> has)
    • Please note that usernames for karmaBot are case sensitive.
      • For example, ~rank _iphoenix_ will give _iphoenix_'s rank, not _iPhoenix_'s rank.
    • If no username is entered, then the username of the user who executed the command will be the username.
      • For example, if _iPhoenix_ typed ~karma , then karmaBot would return _iPhoenix_'s karma.
  • Commands for wompBot:

    • #gamma(<value>): Calculates the Gamma Function at the input, <value>.
    • #beta(<x>, <y>): Calculates the Beta Function at the point (<x>, <y>).
  • Commands for roomBOT:

    • Sending roomBOT a PM with a valid room name will make it reply back with a PM to you containing a link to the room.
    • Highlighting roomBOT (roomBOT: #<roomName>) with a valid room name will make it reply back with a message with a link to the room.
  • Commands for outerBot:

    • |status: Get the status of outerBot including version number.
    • |version: The same as |status.
    • |destroy <subject>: "<User> destroys <subject>."
    • |throw <subject>: "<User> throws <subject>."
    • |promote <product>: Generates a random message to promote <product>.
    • |sarcasm <text>: "<User> says "<text>" sarcastically."
    • |options [number]: Gives you <number> options on what to do.
    • |analysis: Gives a random analysis of the current situation.
  • Commands for SM84CEBot:

    • ~droneattack: : This is an attack of the Universal Paperclips drones. You'd better run!!
    • ~botattack: : This is an attack of the UniChat Bots. RUUUN!!
    • ~cookie: _iPhoenix_, LAX18, others: someone wanted you to have this cookie!
    • ~banhammer: Don't make _iPhoenix_ ban you... ------[#] :( uh oh... Someone's going to have a BAD day...
    • ~xd: DoorsCS told me to tell you that xd is not an actual face. Stop it.
    • ~releasethehypnodrones: Releasing the HypnoDrones... waits 1 second The HypnoDrones have been released! _iPhoenix_, are you ready to be turned into paperclips?
    • ~installcycle: Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?
    • ~powercycle: DoorsCS told me to ask you if you've tried turning it off and back on again. He also wants you to look at this:
    • ~sm84ce: SM84CE: ping!
    • ~ping: pong!
    • ~ban: Don't make _iPhoenix_ ban you...
    • ~order: ORDER! ORDER in the chatroom!!
      • If the poster is _iPhoenix_: bang his banhammer
      • If the poster is SM84CE: bang his hammer
      • If the poster is someone else: bang his/her hammer.
  • Commands for afkbot

    • ~afk : Either marks you as AFK or removes you from the list. NOTE: IF YOU SEND A MESSAGE WHILE HAVING 'AFK' STATUS, YOU ARE REMOVED FROM THE AFK LIST!!!
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