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LeisureCoin Core integration/staging repository


LeisureCoin (LSR)

Leisure coin exchange trading pairs that will be supported



• Doge

• $PAC


Leisure coin will not support fiat currencies, and more coins will be added in time. Leisure coin exchange will have a 3 tiered vetting process.

  1. Tier #1 Require coin heads to release personal information to our team. A interview process, and popularity review of the coin. These are our rating factors (safest for investor trading with minimal research required)

  2. Tier #2 Requires coin head release of personal information to our team, white paper review, use case review. (Newer coin’s or coins being revamped and or swapped requires more in depth user research to invest.)

  3. Tier #3 Coins require a White paper, and just a use case with a quick review (Invest with caution no vetting process conducted Trade at your own risk and do your own research)

These tiers will be separated on our exchange so you can choose your risk factor you are willing to take. Leisure coin exchange reserves the right to ban coin’s from the exchange due to unethical practices as well as coin heads,Devs. No refund will be posted for infractions of this magnitude. An investigation will be conducted if no reply from the coin in question with in 48 hours a public announcement will be made.

• Trading fee of .2% will be charged on Leisure exchange

• Withdraw fee for the exchange .05%

• Other fees may be collected for other various services

Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)37,000,000 LSR
Masternode Collateral10,000

LeisureCoin Logo

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