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Lemmy and related projects

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  1. lemmy lemmy Public

    🐀 A link aggregator and forum for the fediverse

    Rust 13k 862

  2. jerboa jerboa Public

    A native android app for Lemmy

    Kotlin 1.1k 166

  3. lemmy-ui lemmy-ui Public

    The official web app for lemmy.

    CSS 867 332

  4. activitypub-federation-rust activitypub-federation-rust Public

    High-level Rust library for the Activitypub protocol

    Rust 406 46

  5. lemmy-ansible lemmy-ansible Public

    A docker deploy for ansible

    Jinja 251 94

  6. lemmyBB lemmyBB Public

    A federated bulletin board

    JavaScript 197 17


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