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Singleton wrapper class to process javascript in the background via JavascriptCore.
C Objective-C
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Simple singleton iOS class that wraps a JavascriptCore library to process javascript in the background thread

1. Import all the files into your project
2. Go to build phases and add the following libraries:
   - libstdc++.dylib
   - libicucore.dylib
   - libiOSJavaScriptCore.a
3. import "JsCoreEngineWrapper.h"


1. Implement delegate methods to get the callback

- (void)JsCoreEvalResultsDidLoad:(NSString *)result {
  NSLog(@"results: %@", result);

2. Anywhere in your class, invoke javascript

[JsCoreEngineWrapper instance].evalJsString("...")];

3. Get the result in the delegate method and there you have it! Javascript in the background thread.
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