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This project served as a base project for the workshop "Redux, from zero to hero" given in React Alicante 2018 by Lemoncode.

The goal of this codebase is to show a real example of Redux integration, providing a set of step by step samples and covering core concepts of Redux. Each of the samples contains a file that indicates the purpose of the sample plus a step by step guide to reproduce it.

The base application used in this workshop consists in a simple chat made of a really simple backend and a front end with 2 pages:

  • Lobby: landing page to select available room (channel) and your nickname.
  • Chat: the chat module itself where you will see the room conversation.


In order to launch each sample, we need to run a tiny backend in the background that will setup a communication socket. Please, download our redux-chat-back repository and run it by doing:

npm install

and then

npm start

Once backend is up and running, just navigate to the desired sample source folder, for example, start from the beginning:


and run:

npm install

once we have all the dependencies downloaded, just launch it:

npm start



Introductory readme covering important and useful ES6 concepts that will be used throughout the project.


Set of samples of a redux integration in our chat application from zero.

Please refer to this folder and check its sub-folders containing a detailed readme of the purpose for each sample and its implementation.


Migration of the last ES6 sample to a full typescript solution. Also contains a refactor of the code towards an advanced architecture based on pods.


Recommended reading about several redux ecosystem tools and libraries that may be interesting for the attendees.

About Basefactor + Lemoncode

We are an innovating team of Javascript experts, passionate about turning your ideas into robust products.

Basefactor, consultancy by Lemoncode provides consultancy and coaching services.

Lemoncode provides training services.

For the LATAM/Spanish audience we are running an Online Front End Master degree, more info:

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