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git webcommit

A tool to commit changed/new files from a directory on the webserver straight from the browser.

It is meant to NOT make changes to the files in directory, only append new history to the repository.

It also is not a repository browser/viewer.

Example use cases:
People working together on a project in a shared directory on a server. Which could be a WordPress or Drupal website
where people want to keep track of changes made to templates and plugins or people uploading documents to a shared directory.

[Screenshot: ][https://github.com/Lennie/git-webcommit/raw/master/screenshot.png]

Basic workflow:
When you visit the webpage it displays a list of added/removed/changed/renamed files, you click on the filename you might want
to commit to see the diff, you stage the file(s), you write a commit message and commit.

All you need is a git repository on the server, change some settings at the top and upload the single PHP-file to your webserver.

Depends on as little as possible installed on the webserver:
- git v1.7.x (why that version ? it needs: git status --porcelain)
- php 5.2+
- diff
- wc (for stats)

Authentication can be handled by the webserver (htpasswd) or with a hash in the settings section of the PHP-file.

Missing, but planned features:
- diff stats: number of lines added/removed
- git commit stats
- listing .gitignore
- editing .gitignore
- ondemand diffs
- repository chooser
- amend commit